At Dental Solutions of Encinitas, we believe that preventative dentistry is one of the most important services any dentist can offer. Twice-a-year exams, cleanings, sealants, and other preventative measures allow our Encinitas patients to enjoy optimal oral health and the prevention of tooth decay, gum disease, and other dental problems.

No matter how long you have been away from your dentist, it is never too late to begin restoring health to your smile.

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Benefits of Preventative Dentistry

The main benefit of checkups, cleanings, and other preventative treatments is the prevention of more serious dental problems. If we do find a minor cavity, for example, Dr. Sherry Vakilian can remove the decay and seal your tooth in a matter of minutes. Left untreated, tooth decay will continue to advance. At some point, advanced decay could require uncomfortable and costly tooth extractions or root canal treatment. Exams and cleanings also allow our dental team to check for gum disease or early signs of oral cancer.

What Should I Expect During My Regular Checkup?

Dental exams and cleanings can be scheduled at a time that fits your schedule. Most visits last around one hour. If you have dental insurance, most or all of the costs associated with these visits may be covered because insurance providers see cleanings and exams as an important preventative treatment.

We welcome you to come with questions or concerns that you may have regarding your oral health. A member of our dental team will ask if you have any symptoms, like bleeding gums or loose teeth, that you would like addressed. Dr. Vakilian will conduct a physical exam of your teeth using gloved hands. To make checkups efficient and effective, our office employs multiple forms of advanced technology. A member of our team may:

  • Use digital x-rays to examine the health of your teeth and gums
  • Conduct oral cancer screening using advanced VELscope® screening
  • Locate hard-to-find cavities using our DIAGNOdent laser device
  • Search for dental problems using our intraoral camera

Exams are intended to find symptoms of dental problems and diagnose the root cause of those issues. If we find a dental problem, it will either be treated during your checkup or a treatment date will be scheduled at a later time.


In addition to exams, a member of our dental team will conduct a cleaning to remove tartar and other forms of buildup along the base of your teeth. Tatar is calcified plaque, and it cannot be removed without special tools. One of our hygienists will gently remove the tough buildup. If you have mild symptoms of gum disease, regular dental cleanings can address those symptoms. Cleanings are also an important treatment for preventing tooth decay. Cleanings leave your teeth looking whiter and feeling cleaner.


If you have a history of tooth decay or deep grooves in your molars, you may benefit from the placement of dental sealants. Sealants are a safe plastic coating that prevents bacteria from eating away at your tooth’s enamel. Children are at a higher risk of developing cavities and often benefit from the placement of multiple sealants. Dental sealants are affordable, highly effective, and non-invasive. If you would like to learn more about this important preventative treatment, a member of our team will be glad to discuss the benefits of sealants.

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